In this constant search to produce film we have been fortunate to create dynamic relationships with local production companies fostering a well expanded network. We don’t see other companies as competition, we see them as resources to make a story great. Cheers Boys!

These guys know how to get things done. Always pushing productions boundaries; we are happy to call these our "dreamer" friends.  Having played major rolls in viral video campaigns such as Recoil one, two and three, Gymkahana 7 and 8 along with a plethora of high-level tv productions and commercial projects. When we need to fill a tall order this is whom we team up with. We always feel fortunate to be on set with them.


HT Product Launch

Ellsworth Reborn

We have known Vigil films for quite some time being past mentors we are always honored to partner up with them. Mainly concentrating on power sports, you may have seen them at the Indy 500, The Baja 1000 or Various Red Bull Projects. Vigil is a smaller team like ourselves; if we ever need an efficient team that gets incredible imagery they are the guys we call.


Urban Assault // Luca Cometti

ACEA Bio Science