Locals brings you an insight into the speed breeding ground that is Southern California. We cut out the industry influences and sponsor pushes to focus on what truly matters to us, shreddingWe caught up with our favorite rippers, famous or not, to showcase some raw speed and talent. All of our segments are filmed in SoCal on each riders home trails. With a market so flooded with REDs and excessive slow-mo, we decided to take it back to the basics with the filming. No drones, steadi cams or gimbals. Just a guy with a camera and a rider.

||     Campaign Stats     ||


We chose to launch these articles through various platforms to increase market potency for our riders behind this project. Among them being PinkbikeBike MagVital MTB, Facebook, Instagram and MTB Mag. This way we do not have to depend on virility among social media is always the goal for any type of media campaign. 


Social media Platforms:

Instagram: 3,500 Views // 1,500 Likes

Facebook: 12,000 Views // 36,000 Reached  //  100 reposts 


Media Platforms:

Pinkbike: 10,000 Views // Vital MTB: 1,000 Views

Bike Mag: 1,000 Views // MTB Mag: 1,000 Views



Collective Impressions : 25,000 Views

 (Local community and minor sponsorship involvement.)